I build brands or adjust their trajectory. I develop their go-to-market strategies.

Hi, I'm Cristina Danila.

I have more than 12 years of experience shaping corporate narratives, serving a global audience in both B2C and B2B, in industries ranging from enterprise software, fintech, mobile technology, sustainability, NGO's and consultancy.

My experience has taught me that have the traditional marketing approach does not work anymore – there are better and more meaningful ways for brands to connect with their consumers. And I am on a mission to guide brands to create strong and honest connections -- with consumers, employees, partners and prospects.

I thrive on the front lines, managing complex and dynamic situations and building trusted relationships to elevate a company’s brand and reputation. My work touches every aspect of marketing, from launching a global branding strategy, executing a torrid schedule of events to restructuring online marketing campaigns, and ad buys.

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I focus on what I do best

Leadership Coaching

Creating the right brand persona is not easy, especially nowadays. You can have a great mission, vision, values and purpose in the market, but without the right leadership to embody that – it’s very hard to create a strong brand.

Leaders are now expected to be humane, authentic, reliable and consistent in their messaging. We expect from our leaders their views on bigger societal issues: sustainability, security, privacy, innovations, diversity, inclusivity, etc.

Negotiating this transformational change internally is challenging, but research has shown that companies that include broader social ambitions to benefit society and planet in their core strategy are not only commercially viable, but they also outperform their counterparts in all key metrics.

So let’s work together on embedding the purpose first mindset within your company and deliver the right message in the right channels.

Build and mentor a marketing team

Your people are the most important element of your business. But forming a team with the right skill set is a challenge. After years of surrounding myself with the right people, I can help you specify the skill gaps, unlock existing employees’ potential, and source additions who add valuable knowledge to the team.

Marketing Strategy and Execution

An impactful marketing strategy and thorough execution will definitely fill up that pipeline. I have an extensive network of freelancers and agencies that can help deliver what is best for your company.

I can be your part-time CMO or just come in a couple of times a month to develop a marketing communications strategy, structuring your marketing organization, coordinating marketing activities.

But I can also work on individual projects. Whether it’s developing and executing a content strategy, a brand campaign or an employee branding strategy. I can bring in specialists where needed, whether it’s a video editor, copywriter, developer, a designer.

For start-ups, there is even more of a vicious circle. You can’t scale without strategic marketing, but as a start-up, there’s not enough budget for a full marketing team. After 10 years of working together with start-up accelerators, marketing consultants, media, brand, and PR agencies, I have fine-tuned a start-up launch kit with the goal of empowering every company. This start-up marketing kit is an à la carte menu, tailored to your business and factors in targets, the desired rate of growth, and funding plans.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more than setting up a few ads. It means deciding on the most effective channels to invest in, clearly defining the target audience, and ensuring the customer journey is seamless. Your investment in digital marketing must be spent wisely. I can guide you in establishing a framework to reach the right audience, map out a clear customer journey, and optimize each stage.

Strategic Communications

Wow, it’s great to have had a couple of mentions in some really nice blogs. But let’s take a step back: does it fit the purpose? A communications strategy is designed to help you and your organization communicate effectively and even more importantly, meet the core company objectives. 

The communication strategy has to be set up based on target groups, key narratives, and then setting up the right framework in media channels. I can support creating an authentic strategy that helps you create a distinctive advantage over your competitors and that helps you influence your stakeholders. My expertise lies in press strategy, content planning, communication packs, PR events, influencer marketing, brand awareness, and community marketing.

Brand Activation

We are at a crossroads: we can try to still prop up the old, traditional model of doing marketing or you can really reveal your brand in a unique way.  Branding represents who you are—and marketing is how you build awareness.

Branding is your message, while marketing is how you get it across.  Activating your brand is a unique opportunity of building long lasting relations with your brand audience.

So we will always have to go back to the core brand: what is your company’s purpose, what is your mission, your  USP? What strategy brings you to your goals? We often see companies struggle because they didn’t think about this in the first place. You need to get this straight before you get out there at all.

I will lead the brand strategy and drive the operational delivery of strategy, inclusive of communications campaigns and network building.

As your Head of Brand, I will be responsible for the creation of all forms of marketing, for example, interactive marketing, direct marketing campaigns, advertising, sales collateral, press releases, and executive presentations.

I will manage the development of the execution plan for thought leadership initiatives, using a wide range of content in order to build awareness and credibility for business and brand in the market, simultaneously establishing the organization as a thought leader in the market.

Together we can ensure that all branding programs are aligned with the overall business objectives and that they are optimized and relevant to multiple audiences.

Event Management

A global event strategy can seem overwhelming. Smooth logistics and clear ROI are essential to pulling it off.

I have extensive experience organising global conferences and tradeshows. Comfortable with successfully executing 40+ international events per year, I can help you define the concept, themes, design, messaging, communications and metrics.

Strategy Overview
Action Plan


Step one: good coffee. Let's get to know each other. Tell me about your business and what you need.

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From the workshop, I'll create and present a strategy document with responsibilities, a project proposal and milestones.

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Strategy Overview

Let's bring this plan to action. I'll help you define clear tasks and help you stay on track with your targets.

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Action Plan

Let's bring this plan to action. I'll help you define clear tasks and help you stay on track with your targets.

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