Blend Amsterdam – Empowering young adults to develop their potential

Impact is created where the worlds blend

Blend Amsterdam organizes meetings for companies and organizations, as it funds new training and opportunities for the young adults within Blend Academy.

At a historic, green A-location in Amsterdam, business meetings are organized to perfection by young adults who want to work and can use a helping hand. These young people follow practical training at the academy. Also, the encounter during the business meetings with these young adults gives professionals a look outside the personal network or organizational bubble.

The practical training is made possible partly with the income from bookings and with the support of socially successful citizens, organizations and companies, who, like Blend Amsterdam, believe that a blend of worlds makes our society more beautiful.

Branding with a heart

I have partnered up with a brilliant graphic designer, Chrysa Sarlani and together with Amber, the founder of the foundation and the Blend volunteers, we have managed to get out the real impact and vision of Blend. From there onwards, it was just a matter of unveiling rather than creating this incredible brand. We have mostly focused on elements that were there already, simply highlighting the organization, its purpose as well as the young adults that we are creating change for.

We have put together a streamlined positioning, brand messaging as well as redefine their visual identity – from website to social media to sales presentations. When focusing on the visual identity, we wanted to keep the idea of empowering young adults, making them proud of being part of Blend but also making them the heroes of our story. The brand is set on its foundation of positivity, playfulness, and hope.

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