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Together, we move
mountains. Or build them.

There is a paradigm shift happening in the way we do branding and marketing. As the “Good is new cool” book captured it beautifully, we believe these changes are driven by three main factors: the rising expectations of the millennials, the crisis of meaningfulness in marketing and advertising, and the disruptive opportunities handed out to us by technology.

I am on a mission to help companies find their distinctive edge and (re-)build meaningful connections with their audiences. I advise, inspire, coach, and execute on how to best navigate through today’s noisy world with empathy and authenticity.

Let's start.

“Get a marketing strategy in, but fast. We need a pipeline."

We'll work on a proper assessment of your inbound and outbound strategy and see what we are missing. The research may start with either product development, market presence, or an audience audit, depending on the initial results.

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"We need a small, but really effective marketing team to start NOW."

You may want to hire fast and effectively, but first we need to understand the must-have skills in the future team. We're looking for exceptional candidates.
To convince them, you need an authentic employer brand, and most importantly a focused, personal approach.
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"I need to pull off a bold company event. Where do we start?"

We'll break down this task into clear, manageable steps. We'll work out a fail-safe logistics, communications, and branding plan, and get the right people in to help us out.

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“We have a clear online marketing strategy and the budget is considerable. Why aren’t we making enough leads?”

Putting enough budget behind ads is not enough to increase your lead generation. We need to make sure every cent spent will go to the right audience eager to click on content that brings them value.

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Why Choose Us

Marketing Strategy and Execution

I can be your part-time CMO or just come in a couple of times a month to develop a marketing communications strategy, structuring your marketing organization and coordinating marketing activities.

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Strategic Communications

Wow, it’s great to have had a couple of mentions in some really nice blogs. But let’s take a step back: does it fit the purpose? A communications strategy is designed to help your organization communicate effectively and even more importantly, meet the core company objectives. 

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Brand Activation


We are at a crossroads: we can try to still prop up the old, traditional model of doing marketing or you can really reveal your brand in a unique way. I will lead the brand strategy and drive the operational delivery of strategy, inclusive of communications campaigns, and network building.

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MAP (Marketing Activation Program)

MAP is the acronym of the Marketing Activation Program. This is a two step program customised to meet company’s goals and allows for a scalable execution of a defined marketing plan based on industry, market, competition and company research.

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