What some of my collaborators say

“Cristina is a total marketing guru! I’ve been working closely with her for over a year and I’ve seen her doing very varied things from lead generation to brand strategy. Cristina is very creative and she shines the most when making strategic decisions and negotiations. She’s also a great communicator that can present anything and that gives a clear direction on projects to be executed.”

Sara Vilas Santiago, Creative Director, Moonward

From day one, it was clear Cristina is extremely driven. Combined with her tenacity, enthusiasm, and high bar for quality, Cristina has brought much needed inspiration and codification to Bloomreach’s brand image and marketing strategies. She has a clear vision for where she wants to drive a project and deftly maneuvers to that goal. Her energy is infectious and she’s one of my favourite coworkers.

Heather Wilburn, Global Partner Enablement Manager at BloomReach

Cristina is a go getter, working with Cristina is intense and fun. She inspires people to get stuf done, on time, efficient and focused on the result, not on the process.

Steven Ammerlaan , CEO Social Brothers

Inspiring, convincing and colorful, she is a natural leader, pulling everyone along the path less traveled, bringing life and excitement everywhere she goes.

Gabriela Kojecki
Gabriela Kojecki, Lead UX designer at adidas

“Cristina successfully introduced a complete new demand generation team, increased our digital marketing results, and re-ignited our thought leadership and communication (PR) efforts. This while also stepping up as global field marketer, successfully running over 40 conferences and tradeshows in the past 12 months. Cristina is dedicated and committed, ambitious, and a real pleasure to work with.

Jelmer de Jong
Jelmer de Jong, Partner at henQ Capital Partners

[…] As a merchandise supplier of Backbase, I got to know Cristina as a very ambitious and detail oriented brand professional, always raising the bar for both Backbase as well as our company in terms of quality and look. Her extensive experience, in combination with humor, creativity and passion resulted in not only an efficient collaboration between us, but also a very pleasant one.

Bert Groenendijk, Founder & Owner of La Parada (Asia)

“Cristina is one of the most pleasant colleague I have ever directly worked with. Cristina was a valuable member both of our business unit and of the Quintiq global marketing and sales teams. With passion, flexibility, creativity, enthusiasm, hard working, open minded and great people skills she is a true inspirer.”

Derek Jaap van Avendonk, Service Manager at Signify (FKA Philips Lighting)

I have the pleasure to work with Cristina in her role as Head of Brand. In reality it felt more as she was the Marketing Director. She is everywhere. In a very short time she was able to put her stamp on the many outputs that came from her department; from new corporate branding, new websites, up to solid and professionally managed multi hundreds attendees events. This all takes place in a highly demanding, rapidly changing, growing company and market. Cristina is open to suggestions and is open minded to other ideas. She will challenge your input in a constructive way with just one focus and that is results. Obviously her communication skills are on point. If you have the chance to work with her, do it!

Toney Hesselink, Senior international Account Manager at BloomReach

“It’s special that someone can be ‘high-level-conceptual’ and also focus on the small details during realisation. A conscious thinker with a large amount of energy. Every team needs a Cristina, sadly there is only one…”

Edwin Rozendal
Edwin Rozendal, Freelance Art Director

Cristina knows how to run a modern marketing operation and combines a deep passion for branding with a solid understanding of performance marketing and sales culture. In my opinion, Cristina is an asset to any company looking for an inspirational leader on the marketing function. Working with Cristina side by side from a sales responsibility, I can attest that her team was a strong revenue driver and, I know for fact, that her influence is sorely missed

Douwe Krooshof
Douwe Krooshof, Head Of Sales Operations at Mambu