Marketing Strategy and Execution

An impactful marketing strategy and thorough execution will definitely fill up that pipeline. I have an extensive network of freelancers and agencies that can help deliver what is best for your company.

I can be your part-time CMO or just come in a couple of times a month to develop a marketing communications strategy, structuring your marketing organization, coordinating marketing activities.

But I can also work on individual projects. Whether it’s developing and executing a content strategy, a brand campaign or an employee branding strategy. I can bring in specialists where needed, whether it’s a video editor, copywriter, developer, a designer.

For start-ups, there is even more of a vicious circle. You can’t scale without strategic marketing, but as a start-up, there’s not enough budget for a full marketing team. After 10 years of working together with start-up accelerators, marketing consultants, media, brand, and PR agencies, I have fine-tuned a start-up launch kit with the goal of empowering every company. This start-up marketing kit is an à la carte menu, tailored to your business and factors in targets, the desired rate of growth, and funding plans.

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