Brand Activation

We are at a crossroads: we can try to still prop up the old, traditional model of doing marketing or you can really reveal your brand in a unique way.  Branding represents who you are—and marketing is how you build awareness.

Branding is your message, while marketing is how you get it across.  Activating your brand is a unique opportunity of building long lasting relations with your brand audience.

So we will always have to go back to the core brand: what is your company’s purpose, what is your mission, your  USP? What strategy brings you to your goals? We often see companies struggle because they didn’t think about this in the first place. You need to get this straight before you get out there at all.

I will lead the brand strategy and drive the operational delivery of strategy, inclusive of communications campaigns and network building.

As your Head of Brand, I will be responsible for the creation of all forms of marketing, for example, interactive marketing, direct marketing campaigns, advertising, sales collateral, press releases, and executive presentations.

I will manage the development of the execution plan for thought leadership initiatives, using a wide range of content in order to build awareness and credibility for business and brand in the market, simultaneously establishing the organization as a thought leader in the market.

Together we can ensure that all branding programs are aligned with the overall business objectives and that they are optimized and relevant to multiple audiences.

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