Unified Messaging Strategy at Bloomreach

In just a few short months as the Global Head of Brand and Communications at Bloomreach, I took on major global projects, including developing an upscaled, consistent Bloomreach brand and as well as developing brand guidelines to unify all communications.

My role divided into four main areas:

* Communications: Establish and drive a comprehensive program that incorporates PR and social streams, which will span EMEA and NA.

* Awareness: Initiate and execute programs to dramatically increase awareness of the BloomReach brand in our target markets and geos.

* Community: Lead our community marketing programs, including those focused on developers, customers and partners. Part of this will involve heading our annual community conferences.

* Digital: Own our .com (http://bloomreach.com/) and other digital properties, ensuring that they are well situated to support our various marketing programs and also serve as a showcase for our software. 

Overall initiating and driving a comprehensive programme that incorporates PR, social channels, blog and web content to amplify Bloomreach’s message. Spanning EMEA and NA and made measurable with clear success metrics to ensure stakeholder buy in.



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