The successful evolution of the Backbase branding, one of the biggest fintech players in the industry

Project Overview

Backbase is a fast growing company with had a fast and reliable approach to marketing and branding.

When I took over the branding project, the brand was expanding more and more, adding different types of illustrations, new photography concepts and created more than 26 new support colours. The brand was diluting fast. Moreover, there were no clear brand guidelines for the marketing, product design, and support teams on best practices, which templates can they use or which rules apply to them or not.


Backbase is the Thought Leader

Initially,  Backbase as  a thought leader for the industry did not show up in neither content, website or design. Competitors were not doing better – it was clear that the industry had fuzzy concepts and not clearly differentiated brands.

In the iterations phase we have worked on the proper messaging, tone of voice and devlopeing the right content that would speak on industry knowledge.  The “though leadership” concept got to be properly build it – we have developed in house content, published them online, creating a new inbound flow and physically at events to generate a first interactions.

Guidelines for a cohesive brand

Once the core concepthas been put together, we started to document the overall guidelines. We have created kits for each team to use freely in their marketing and design work.


Defined and executed the communications and PR strategy that positioned Backbase as global leader in our market segment and winner of multiple awards.

Successfully launching partner marketing programs for driving partner businesses: webinars, events, press releases, tradeshows.

Responsible for the thought leadership and content strategy that more than tripled the number of inbound leads and more than halved the cost per lead spend while maintaining lead quality ratios.

Launched and managed the redesign of the corporate brand across all offline and online brand carriers, including the creation of the new marketing site.

Increased the global conference and tradeshow coverage, being responsible for the successful execution and event management for 40+ events on an annual basis, across the major continents.

Restructured the online marketing campaigns (SEO, SEA, Google Adwords, Bing, PPC, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn), and media buys). 


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